Peter Greste wins 2015 human rights medal

Peter Greste, a journalist imprisoned for 400 days in a crowded Egyptian prison, has been awarded the nation’s top human rights prize in a ceremony on the 17th of December.

Since being released, Greste – who spent his time in jail studying International Relations with Griffith University – has been campaigning for greater press freedoms. The journalist has called for a Charter of Media Freedoms, which he says will help journalists to do their job in times of conflict.

Greste and his colleagues were working for Al Jazerra in Egypt when they were accused of spying for the Muslim Brotherhood and put in prison.

Peter Greste in an Egyptian prison

Journalists are often regarded with suspicion given their need to communicate with both sides in a conflict. Michael Ware, a New York Times Correspondent in Afghanistan said that “every Westerner is a spy until proven otherwise”.


Greste will continue to work as a journalist but says that he wants a full pardon from his alleged crimes from Egypt.








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