Young Entrepreneur targets lions

I liked this story about a young, innovative Masai man who invented tools to protect livestock from marauding lions.

Richard Turere was 11 when he decided to do something about lions attacking his families’ cattle on their homestead. The boy – who is from Kitengela south of Nairobi, Kenya – said “I grew up hating lions very much. They used to come at night and feed on our cattle when we were sleeping”.

Richard Turere

The lions – he found – were put off visiting the farm when someone walked around the perimeter flashing a torch. Using a series of flashing LED lights attached to poles, the lights flickered on and off during the night, distracting the lions who stayed away from the farm.

The boy designed the lights without any formal qualifications in engineering or design.

Kenya is home to about 2000 lions which frequently clash with the locals, who often kill the lion and their pride to protect their own animals.

The invention of “Lion Lights” – which will protect the heritage of the national parks of Kenya – has been used for around 75 farms around Kenya.

Turere is now studying at one of Kenya’s top schools and hopes to land a job as a pilot and a “airoplane engineer”.




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